When I first began, I said yes to everything - every kind of project from project manager to social media marketer to website designer. I’ve learned some important lessons over the years - one is that no single person can provide everything you need to make the best website possible (and give you all of the tools you need to get the word out about it). Another is that I love designing websites and learning about my clients, but I’m not so jazzed about SEO or social media (though I know they’re necessary for success). And so I began intentionally building a team - a small group of trusted collaborators that I bring into website projects along the way to support my clients in realizing their goals.


the RIGHT HAND WOMAn (mine & yours)

Somehow the universe heard my cry and threw me together with Jay Paganini of Pale Blue Pencil, and I knew my business (and life!) would never be the same. Not only is she the best cheerleader (with the best emojis), she’s hyper-organized and wants to help you be organized too. She’s always looking for ways to improve productivity and reach your goals, and she is a fantastic accountability partner. From project management to document design and formatting, copywriting and editing support, WordPress and Shopify design, photography and art direction - even social media coordination, Jay’s vast toolbox complements my skill set perfectly, and where we overlap, we’re even stronger. She’s like a stylish business pocketknife.


Your brand is tied to your online personality, and it's a lot more than just colors and fonts.  While we can create a simple logo and workable color palette, building a holistic brand identity is a horse of a different color. If you haven’t gone through this process already, we would encourage you to select one of our preferred partners, and we will work in parallel and collaborate throughout the process.


WHEN IT’S TIME TO GET SOCIAl (which is always)

Whether you plan to do it yourself or work with someone else on your social media marketing, Jess Fleming can provide guidance around strategy and best practices for all things social - bring that brand to life! What’s the ROI of social media marketing, you may ask? Here’s a handy download for you!