I know we're all obsessed with building our lists, growing our following, gathering more likes - that's how you earn a living doing what you love, right? The fact is that nowadays, the internet is CROWDED. Yes, you probably need a 'lead magnet', an 'opt in', and all of those other jargon-y things, but the main thing you need (the thing that people are magnetized to or opting for) is well-written, carefully-crafted interesting content. I can help.

who am i?

There's the long story, and there's the short story. I have a degree in English from Carleton College, and I've written a lot of words (two travel guides for Madagascar, countless blog posts, several articles, hundreds of web pages). Some of these words went far, reached a wide audience, and some of these words were just for me and a close circle of friends. I love editing the work of others - teasing out meaning and organizing paragraphs into a flow that makes sense for the right reader. I adore the creative challenge of starting from scratch (I'm a productive procrastinator - I need to let things marinate for awhile before sitting down, fingers to keys). There are a number of ways we can collaborate on your content - all of them require us to get to know each other! 

who are you?

You have things to share with the world - words, courses, offerings, expertise, art - and whatever that is, you need a place to showcase them. Not only that, you need that place to have its own magnetism that attracts your right client. You are ready to work hard. 


packages | pricing

Hourly rates don't make sense for the way I work. I'm a busybee (hence the name), and I move from project to project at irregular intervals throughout my days and weeks. So I charge per project - it's the fairest way to work together. 

As I mentioned above, good content matters. A lot. I only mention this to say that it's an investment - in yourself, in your brand, and your business.

web pages

Typically (depending on desired word count) $250 per page. 


$300 for 300-500 words - discounts available if you engage me to write 8 or more. Typically published on a weekly or biweekly schedule. If you need a longer post (the ideal length of a blog post is 7 minutes, or 1600 words), let's have a conversation. Like everything I do, this is a collaborative process - together we'll strategize around topics that will optimally intrigue and attract your target audience. 


$300 and up - typically published once per month. 

Don't see what you need listed here? I can write pretty much anything you could possibly imagine, so just ask!

Kudos for the Busybee 

Sara LeHoullier is one of our go-to copywriting and marketing colleagues for projects that need an experienced hand and fast turnaround. Sara has effortlessly picked up the pulse of our client's brand voice. She has a 'ready for anything' spirit and is trustworthy, talented, and lightening quick on delivering the goods. Unreservedly and warmly recommended!
-Abby Kerr & Katie Mehas, The Voice Bureau