"I am cherry alive," the little girl sang, "Each morning I am something new..."

-Delmore Schwartz


It's lovely to meet you. I'm Sara LeHoullier (pronounced la-HOO-lee-yer), your Squarespace website designer and copywriter. I'm a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Madagascar 2005-2007 and 2010), I have a BA in English and a Master's in Sustainable Development, and the bullet points on my crazy resume are tied together by the thread of community engagement, community, and a continuous effort to make the world a better place.

I've always somewhat jokingly referred to myself as a busybee, and in 2014, I finally decided to embrace my yen for handling many projects at once, occasional busywork, and cross-pollination. I do buzz with excitement and anticipation as I think about potential connections between people, resources and initiatives. I find immense joy in bringing inspiration to my clients and being present to their passions, and building the online homes from which their businesses can grow and thrive.

I have had the pleasure of working with clients in a wide variety of fields - from attorneys to psychics - and I can match the style and voice of anyone. I have lovingly managed projects, herded cats, created & edited content, and empowered people to be their authentic selves online.

Most of all, I love designing websites and writing copy. 

In 2015, I married a wonderful man who came complete with two small boys, then we added our beautiful hound Lucy, and my life is full of love (and noise). I love the light of early morning and late afternoon, comedy & true crime podcasts, and I have a useless movie quote in my head for every occasion. I'm also the co-founder of Project Simpatico; we're developing an app that helps shoppers make value-based decisions, then share their choices with their communities, as well as the companies that create the products that they love. 

I'm enamored with Instagram.