"I am cherry alive," the little girl sang, "Each morning I am something new..."

-Delmore Schwartz


It's lovely to meet you. I'm Sara LeHoullier (pronounced la-HOO-lee-yer).

I've always somewhat jokingly referred to myself as a busybee, and in 2014, I finally decided to embrace my yen for handling many projects at once, occasional busywork, and cross-pollination. I do tend to buzz with excitement and anticipation as I think about potential connections between people, resources and initiatives. I find immense joy in bringing inspiration to my clients and being present to their passions, and guiding the development of the indicators as well as the achievement of their success. 

My life really started to get pretty wild after I graduated from Carleton College armed with a BA in English. Well, not right after - I spent two years leasing apartments wearing a hideous navy blue suit. Miserable and lost, I applied to volunteer abroad hoping to find myself, and I took off for Madagascar with the Peace Corps in 2005. After teaching English (and learning more than I ever could have imagined) for two years, I returned the United States charged up about changing the world, starting with Madagascar. I grabbed a Masters in Sustainable Development and returned to the island several times to research travel guides and development initiatives, before starting work with a large NGO in North Carolina. After two years as a project administrator, then a program coordinator, it was clearly time for a change - and I began my push to find a job that better matched my passions, my expertise, and at the bottom of it all - my personality, which tends to be a little too mirthful for the average board room. I then made the life-altering decision to move to Seattle to be a consultant with a small firm.

In November of 2014, I fully launched myself into the world as Busybee Consulting LLC.  I've worked with clients to manage their projects, herd their cats, create and edit their content and empower them to be their authentic selves on social media so they can organically and honestly grow their online communities and discover ways to really connect to their tribe. 

If you're looking for an elevator pitch, here goes:

I am a website designer slash writer with a real love for creating authentic and interesting content for websites and marketing collateral. I collaborate with individuals, companies and nonprofits on community engagement, creativity coaching, and brand development. Knowing that no one can do everything alone, I partner with designers, web developers and a variety of passionate consultants and coaches on projects, continually learning new skills and expanding my horizons.

In 2015, I married a wonderful man who came complete with two small boys, and my life is full of love. I adore taking photos of flowers, especially right before the sun sets, and I have a useless movie quote in my head for every occasion. 

I'm enamored with Instagram. Heck, who isn't?