a few recent favorites

I view any website or copywriting project as an opportunity to get to know someone new - I've been slow to automate my processes with questionnaires in favor of having conversations, which tend to get to core purpose and passion in a way that nothing else can. To give you an idea of how deep these discussions can get, I can tell you that I've had clients shed a few tears as they talk about their life's work and their goals for the future, about their why (and I've definitely cried too). This can be emotional territory, communicating with potential customers and clients the reasons they should work with you or buy from you. And it is you they are working with or buying from, so you are the most essential piece of design inspiration that I have to draw from!

Kelli Lyles has so much beautiful, bright energy - I felt that it was time for her to have a website that glowed. She knew she loved trees in autumn, a setting sun through leaves, and the balance that we all seek as we are born, live, and die. She's a gifted and funny counselor and educator with heaps of empathy, and I cannot wait to see how she transforms her business in this next stage of growth!

I can't begin to describe how much fun I had working with Shirley, a Santa Monica-based medium and empath. We wanted to create something together that reflected the energy, pizzazz, and brightness she brings to every conversation.  I'm so thrilled with how the site came out - it's a work in progress (we'll be adding a blog and additional photography), and I look forward to continuing our collaboration for a long time!



When I met Amy for the first time, I could immediately see why people would love having her as their coach. She's so warm and open, and hilarious - and really fantastic at taking a holistic view of any given challenge. I wanted her site to help cultivate a sense of trust and security. We had the opportunity to take our time and get to know each other well, and the content and design unfolded naturally and gracefully. 

Anyone can plot a course with a map or compass; but without a sense of who you are, you will never know if you’re already home.
— Shannon L. Alder

Davis Arneil Law Firm came to me as a referral from a previous client (Lazar Marketing). Up to that point, I had typically worked with creative entrepreneurs, coaches and counselors, so this was a departure, and a unique challenge. It was also an opportunity to collaborate with Flourish Collaborative, an eye-opening and awesome experience. After they completed their 6-week branding process, I had a beautiful canvas with which to create a gorgeous website that sets them apart from other law firms. 

A true labor of love, I designed this site for Project Simpatico, a startup of which I'm a co-founder! It was important to me that this site be a jumping-off platform for all of the exciting work we're doing behind the scenes - developing an app that helps people engage in social change through shopping (something they have to do anyway!), and an online community that supports the sharing of knowledge, advice, and product reviews among like-minded people!

Shasta is one of my longest-standing clients. I designed shastanelson.com, then we moved on to girlfriendcircles.com, and I've set up her Thinkific online school, Friendship University. It has been really fun working together on all of her various projects, and watching her reach more and more women in her mission to teach and empower!