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Your website is your garden.

Sow your seeds, sprout your ideas, showcase what you know and how you communicate.

Here's where we create a space for your tribe to gather, learn and be inspired. 


If you work for yourself or have a small team, you're probably looking for a site that beautiful, simple and functional - a platform you are comfortable using and updating yourself, a site that can grow as you grow. I can help. My specific area of expertise is Squarespace, but my team and I can create a gorgeous site for you on WordPress or Shopify as well.

IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT what it looks like (though when it comes to websites, people do tend to judge a book by its cover).

The words are just as - if not more - important. Because they have to be true.

Over the years, I've only worked on a handful of website projects where I didn't participate in either writing or editing part or all of the copy. Even if all of the words have been written, you never know how they're going to scan until you put them on the page and see how they resonate. There is almost always work to be done, and I'm here to help you. I can start from scratch, or I can rework & reorganize what you've already written. 

We can collaborate on your:

Business Name | Tagline | Mission/Vision | Web Page Copy | Blog Posts | Newsletters | Marketing Collateral | Product Descriptions | Social Media Posts | Etc.


Let’s start here: tell me about what you want to accomplish.

I’ll send you some options and we can move forward from there.

I believe in value-based pricing, because no two projects are alike. I will not be giving you an hourly rate. My minimum fee for a custom website on any platform is $2,000, and all of my project packages include integration with your email platform, Acuity, and social media platforms, basic SEO, and training on your chosen platform (Squarespace, WordPress, or Shopify).

What's your name? *
What's your name?
If you don't have a site up yet, please provide a link to anywhere I can learn more about you or your business.
Preferred platform *
If you choose more than one I will assume you haven't made your decision yet, and that's fine.
What are we working on together? *
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What's your target launch date? *
What's your target launch date?
It would be great to know the answers to some key questions here: what industry are you in? what are your goals for this site or the copy you need written? who do you want to work with or attract?


Your brand is tied to your online personality, and it's a lot more than just colors and fonts.  While I can create a simple logo and workable color palette, building a holistic brand identity is a horse of a different color. If you haven’t gone through this process already, I would encourage you to select one of my preferred partners, and we will work in parallel and collaborate throughout the process.


*Payment and Refund Policy

I accept credit cards and PayPal, and I require a 50% deposit upon acceptance of proposal. As a rule, I don't refund fees for work done, but if at any point during our time together either of us wishes to end the contract, we can come to an agreement that works for both of us. Additional fees apply for web hosting with Squarespace and any 3rd party additional services you choose.