I know we're all meant to be obsessed with building our lists, growing our following, gathering more likes - that's how you earn a living doing what you love, right? The fact is that nowadays, the internet is CROWDED. Yes, you probably need the compelling lead magnet, the snappy opt-in, the dreaded autoresponder, and all of those other jargon-y things, but the main thing you need (the thing that people are magnetized to or opting into) is well-written, carefully-crafted interesting content. I can help.


who are you?

You have things to share with the world - words, ideas, courses, products, offerings, expertise, art - and whatever those things are, you need a way to showcase them with clear, compelling content. You also probably dislike writing, and have been procrastinating on this part for awhile. Sometimes you just need a little push to get going; sometimes it helps to talk it out and have someone else listen to what you're really saying, and tease out what's really important.


I've had the privilege of working with life & wellness coaches, artists & creative entrepreneurs, therapists & counselors, attorneys & marketing specialists, authors & educators - individuals that care deeply about their work, their communities, and their world.


Who am I?

There's the long story, and there's the short story. I have a degree in English from Carleton College, and I've written a lot of words (two travel guides for Madagascar, countless blog posts, several articles, hundreds of web pages). Some of these words went far, reached a wide audience, and some of these words were just for me and a close circle of friends. I love editing the work of others - coaxing out meaning and organizing paragraphs into a flow that makes sense for the right reader. I adore the creative challenge of starting from scratch (I'm a productive procrastinator - I need to let things marinate for awhile before sitting down, fingers to keys). There are a number of ways we can collaborate on your content - all of them require us to get to know each other! 




Sara LeHoullier is one of our go-to copywriting and marketing colleagues for projects that need an experienced hand and fast turnaround. Sara has effortlessly picked up the pulse of our client's brand voice. She has a 'ready for anything' spirit and is trustworthy, talented, and lightening quick on delivering the goods. Unreservedly and warmly recommended!


Abby Kerr & Katie Mehas, The Voice Bureau


ask me about pricing* — every project is uniquely tailored to your needs

There's no one-size-fits-all for this kind of work.

We can work together on your:

  • Tagline
  • Mission/Vision
  • Web Pages (the usual: Home, About, Offerings/Services, etc. - the unusual: whatever you can think of, outside the box)
  • Blog Posts
  • Newsletters (electronic or snailmail)
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Product Descriptions

I can start from scratch, or I can rework & reorganize what you've already written. 

*fees start at $250